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iOS SDK - Apps rejected during submission due to UDID

iOS SDK - Apps rejected during submission due to UDID


the current version (2.0) of the Wikitude SDK for iOS is not compliant with the enforced guidelines from Apple regarding the usage of UDID. Although the Wikitude SDK for iOS is not at all using the UDID a weak link to a 3rd party library is causing the problem. We are testing an updated version at the moment and will release an update very soon. Please drop an email to developer in urgent cases.

We just released an update to the iOS SDK, which fixes that problem and removes all linking to the UDID. Please find version 2.0.1 in our download area. Make also sure to update the Vuforia SDK in case you are using that to version 2.0.32, as previous versions track the UDID as well.


i'm working with the 1.0 version of wikitude, and we have paied the license...

now my app is rejected when i try to submit in the appstore for the same reason...

what can i do? are you going to fix this problem for the version 1.x? can i use my api key with the version 2.x?? i need a solution! :(

Regards and sorry for my english!


Could you please send your bundle identifier to and we'll check your license key and send you feedback directly. 



I'm having the same problem having upgraded to version 3.1. I have paid the license for v2.0 and have had to upgrade due to this problem. Currently, my license key does not appear to work with the 3.1 version as the watermark is coming up.

Can you suggest a solution?


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