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Wikitude overview question: Creating standalone app using html5

Wikitude overview question: Creating standalone app using html5

Thank you.

That is good info.

Ok thanks, will follow my other posts, hope i´m lucky.




The augmented realtiy content part is written in HTML5, CSS and Javascript. It requires a runtime engine (ARchtiect) to actually create and render the AR scene which is provided by the SDK or our Wikitude app. The AR part has to be written only once and runs cross platform (Android, iOS, BB10).

Integration into an app is straight forward and requires minimal knowledge of the platform. However you would need to integrate it natively into the app e.g. using XCode for iOS or eclipse for Android.

Addtionally we offer a phonegap plugin. Phonegap allows you to create an ios app and an android app without the need of using xcode or eclipse.

We offer sample projects for all supported platforms that should get you started quickly and that you can use as a template for your own application.

I am in the same boat.


 I want to know if I can create a mobile HTML5 website using only HTML5 CSS and JavaScript.

Do I need to use Eclipse?

Will users accessing this website need to download a special viewer?


P.S. I'm not a developer and am only exploring if Wikitiude can work for business using the above.

Thank you.


Will give it a try!!!

Great work!!!!!!

Hi all!

I´m new in wikitude, i want to create an standalone app to show tourism information, nothing new.

My questions are:

1) Can i created it using htm5 css and js without using eclipse or any other IDE?

2) If yes: what its the process of publishing and standalone app using wikitude?

3)If no: should i code a version for android and another one for iOS using the same html5 css and js?

I´m asking this because i can´t figure out if the creation of AR content using HTML5 or css it´s just for publishg the content in the wikitude app.

I´ve seen the tutorials using architect://architect.js but i want to now how to publish it later to have and standalone app, not try it using the developer section in wikitude app.

thanks a lot!

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