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Visualizing Digital Elevation Model

Visualizing Digital Elevation Model

There is currently no method to visualize a digital elevation model directly, e.g. through a triangulated mesh. However you can still use the built in drawable types (images, labels, circles, htmldrawables) to visualize a point in an elevation model. Think about a dotted landscape for example.

Depending on what exact information you want to convey this could work. 


 I read through some of the tutorials in wikitude. I found most of location based information as point based displayed as points of interest. But, I want to show the digital elevation model, i mean a sense of depth or height to the user as the user walk through a mountain or a river side. I found the wikitude drive application interesting as it augments on the road and information related to road. I want to develop something similar but not about road. I want to augment real world with the elevation information augmented to it. Has any one tried this before or know how to do it. Please tell me how to start with this.
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