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Rendering POI/Radar

Rendering POI/Radar

Hey Wikitude Crew,

We're having some issues on rendering it on iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4, using the exact same code, you're getting something totally different..
Starting off with the POI's, the POI's obviously are ALOT smaller on the iphone 4, like they should, and on the iPhone 5 extremely large.
Second off, when you load the radar (Landscape app) with this code ->

radar.centerX = 0.5;

radar.centerY = 0.5;

radar.positionX = 0.05;

radar.positionY = 0.32;

radar.width = 0.25;


It shows up in a total different place on iPhone 4 vs 5..
Screenshots are here ->

Another question from the Android team:

HTML Drawables "loaded" but never were rendered on the screen, using the standard tutorial from the website, it didn't even render.
What gives?


** EDIT ** HTML Drawables were rendered but on Android/iOS it crashes when you go back.

Kind regards, Thijs 

Unfortunately it is currently only possible to put the radar in the top left corner to have it appear at the same position accross devices. This is something we will improve in a future version. In the meantime you can position the radar differntly depending on the device. Or move it in the top left corner.

Due to the different screen resolutions and camera parameters the iphone 5 renders the pois slightly larger. If you want to compensate for this you will need to scale the POIs differntly according to the current device.

Concerning the HTML Drawables:
Please update to the latest SDK version available and try again. If the problem persist please provide us with additonal information OS, device, ... that you are trying this on.


Thanks Wolfgang for responding.

That's indeed not so good to hear about the Radar.. I'll try to configure it like you said. Same for the POI.

Concerting the HTML Drawables:

We have the version from 26/02, or is there a new version we don't know about?

Otherwise we have it on the Galaxy Nexus, OS 4.2. When returning upon the activity we get a SEGFAULT on the Android when rendering HTML Drawables.

have you tried the suggestions found here:

This is currently an issue and we will fix it in the next version ... which is coming soon.

Hey Wolfgang, thanks for answering,

Is there an ETA on "how soon"? Since we're trying to get an app released at the client.. So we can't really afford to wait much longer.


The SDK is scheduled for a release in June.

Hey, Thanks for answering.

Is there anyway we can get an alpha build or anything for our client? Because they were planning on releasing in June.. This is kind of critical for us.

We're having another issue on Android SDK:

- Locking the phone and then unlocking it while in the architect view activity crashes the phone (galaxy s3 4.1)


And another one:

- When creating an HTML Drawable on Android using the HTML tag instead of the URI, it won't give an error but won't render neither. (Using URI does work) - Galaxy S3 4.1

Hi there!

Concerning the HTML-Drawable issue you're describing: Please try the workaround in this forum post.
Your Lock-Screen issue is also a known one under certain circumstances

We're aware of this issues and will fix them in next update.

Kind regards,
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