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Mandatory js for launching AR world from Wikitude browser

Mandatory js for launching AR world from Wikitude browser

Hi All,

  Besides architect,js, what other js do I need to put in the web server in order make thw wrold work?  Also, how can I start the Wikitude browser from my mobile web page with the dedicated html to be opened?


you don't need to put any js file on your webserver (except of course libraries you want to use). architect.js lives inside our Wikitude client or the Wikitude SDK and is automatically injected when inlcuding "architect://architect.js".

For information on how to start Wikitude from a mobile web page see:

I've tried but in vain.  The Wikitude opens the cam, but no response when the cam is over the image.

I would try to go through this checklist to find out if the world is actually loaded and working correctly.

1. Load a simple HTML page without any architect related js code, that has some text on it
    -> does it correctly load, do you see the text on top of the camera?

2. Load one of our samples that come with the SDK
   -> is it working

3. Try your own world in a desktop browser using the ADE (ade.js) that allows you to run and debug Worlds in a deskotp browser.
  -> any javascript errors? do you see the objects created in the "object tree"?

4. Test on the device again
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