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Execute phonegap inside AR

Execute phonegap inside AR

Hello, i'm trying to execute phonegap fonction inside AR and i have an error. For example i execute "window.openDatabase" and in the logcat, i have some error: openDatabase is undefined. What's wrong ?


Phonegap version: 2.5, Wikitude for Android.


I would like to know the same.

I posted my similar question on Stack Overflow:

Hi! after several attempts, I finally decided to use onClickInARchitectWorld to listen to the call document.location = architectsdk :/ / inside the RA. To do so, I tested only the name and value of the passed parameter and from there, I execute phonegap.

For example:


onClickInARchitectWorld: function(url) {           
            var Action = app.getUrlParameterForKey(url, 'action');
            var InsertValue = app.getUrlParameterForKey(url, 'insert');
            // Insert
            if (InsertValue != "") {
                // Here you execute phonegap insert



function InsertID(_id) {

document.location = 'architectsdk://actionButton?insert=' + _id;

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