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Calling https page from Wikitude browser

Calling https page from Wikitude browser

I would like to open a architect page from the Wikitude browser via https, is it feasible?  When I do it, Wikirude always returned "Page not available".  Any idea?

which platform are you trying this on? We'll be looking into the issue and will get back to you once we know more.

Do you require to run your World in Wikitude? If not please try the AMV (Android) or modify one of our sample projects that are provided with the SDK to start your World

I'm trying on Android phone, Wikitude 7.7.  As I would like to launch the AR IR app from mobile web page, so I try to call it from Wikitude browser.

Any update?  Can you show me any testing architect world in https?


Could you please send us your https link using our contact-form?
I just tried a https-link of dropbox which works as expected- maybe your https-certificate is invalid or another error happened in your html.
Please use ade.js to find out what exactly is the issue.

Kind regards,
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