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BUG FOUND with Ar.HTMLDrawables

BUG FOUND with Ar.HTMLDrawables

Hi, I'm editing my post because I found the reason which my app isn't working after I spent 6 hours debugging. Here is a description of my APP and I modified the SimpleArBrowserctivity code sample:

I have 1 activity which shows a single button.

If I click the button then I load the ARView Activity.

In the AR activity I'm able to show some HTML Drawables. If I click one of the HTML Drawable then I load a third activity.

In the third activity I click the back button and then the APP goes back to the first activity (where I have the single button). 

If I change the HTMLDrawable to an Ar.Label everything goes perfect and I get back to the AR Activity. Also If I don't call arView.onResume in the AR activity when I get back from the third activity I'm not getting back to the first activity. Unfortunately my ArchitectView is not activated again for obviously reasons. It's like I get a extra finish() call when I use arView.onResume(). Everything was tested in a MotoDroid 2 Global (2.2) and Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini (4.1). 


I think the Wikitude SDK is still bugged. This is the second bug I found related to HTMLDrawables (the first one ). Unfortunately I'm a little bit sad about the slow response in the forums and then spend a lot of time discovering bugs in the SDK after debugging my apps :(


?What can I do? This affects seriously my app design. If you want my modified source files, I can give you that.





In my AR Activity I created 1 Ar.HTMLDrawable and 1 Ar.Label. I clicked the Ar.Label and then back button in the third activity... I'm getting again the bug. As I can see, this happens when you create a Ar.HTMLDrawable... doesn't matter if you clic the Ar.Label.

Hi Daniel,

HTMLDrawables are in fact a bit tricky. Unfortunately Android 4.x behaves dfferent. Please try setting targetSDK to 8 in your manifest and check if that solves the issue.
We will publish a fix in upcoming SDK version 2.1 - Meanwhile I recommend you to use AR.ImageDrawable and AR.Label instead to create marker using offset x and y.

Sorry for inconvenience.
Kind regards;

Hi, this also happens on 2.2 along with 4.x so I think is a general bug. Obviously I'm targeting to 8 if I'm testing in a 2.2 android device.

Unfortunately I don't like using  AR.ImageDrawable and AR.Label because they are bugged also. Sometimes the Wikitude SDK don't render all of them as. I hope you fix this bug in the upcoming SDK version.



I'm just wondering why this post is approved if my problem it's not resolved :-/


Hi Daniel,

As Andreas mentioned, we will publish a fix for this with our upcoming SDK version 2.1. Should you need this behavior urgently we recommend you to use AR.ImageDrawable and AR.Label instead to create marker using offset x and y.


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