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External World not loaded

External World not loaded

Also this is not working for me.

Even there is no error or something.

Just nothing

Version: Cordova 2.7

Wikitude: 2.0.1


with what platform, os verion, phonegap version are you working?

Best regards


Hi Andreas

I tried that on the iOS sample app, with the same result.

Hi there!

Please have a look at the provided sample app and ensure you're passing the url including "http://", because otherwise it will try to load it from your assets folder.

Kind regards,

Hi guys

I'm trying to load an external url, but it seems to load but doesn't show anything. 

Here is my url:


in my config.xml I have

<access orgin="*" />



it works fine in the wikitude app. 

If I have a local url, like assets/world.html it works fine. 


Kind Regards


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