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External World not loaded

External World not loaded

Also this is not working for me.

Even there is no error or something.

Just nothing

Version: Cordova 2.7

Wikitude: 2.0.1

Hi guys

I'm trying to load an external url, but it seems to load but doesn't show anything. 

Here is my url:


in my config.xml I have

<access orgin="*" />



it works fine in the wikitude app. 

If I have a local url, like assets/world.html it works fine. 


Kind Regards



Hi there!

Please have a look at the provided sample app and ensure you're passing the url including "http://", because otherwise it will try to load it from your assets folder.

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas

I tried that on the iOS sample app, with the same result.


with what platform, os verion, phonegap version are you working?

Best regards

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