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Crashes on Wikitude logo whenever I load a world.

Crashes on Wikitude logo whenever I load a world.

I have spent some time analyzing it.

It crashes whenever I add the line  <script src="architect://architect.js"></script> to my code. 

When I put  <script src="ade.js"></script> instead -refering to js/ade.js I got from ARchitect Tools it does not crash, but the Hello World is not displayed either.

Hi all,


I am able to run the HelloWorld sample included in the wikitude-phonegap-ios pack on my iPhone 5. I have set up a new PhoneGap project and have added the Wikitude.SDK. I have then carefully made sure that the directory structure and frameworks in my project are set up exactly as is in the HelloWorld sample.

However, when I run my application (which should behave as the HelloWorld sample) the application crashes on the big Wikitude logo. The feedback from Xcode is completely worthless. When I screw up the reference to the HelloWorld.html file (WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld("assets/world/HelloWorldNOT.html");) the app does not crash on the big Wikitude logo but goes on succesfully to the live camera view. The world, as expected, does not load.

I have spent 8 hours on getting the sample code in my own project, trying different times from scratch. My gratitude for anyone who is willing to help!


have you added the -ObjC linker flag to your Xcode project?

There is definitively a problem in your project setup. Please read the manual and have a look at the sample projects how they are setup.


Best regards


Somehow, the flag was -Obj-C in my Xcode project. I changed it to -ObjC as you suggested and the Hello World works now. Thanks!


Andreas, I posted this up on Stack Overflow as well. Why don't YOU copy paste your answer there and earn some rep :).
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