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Detect a click on c++

Detect a click on c++

That's possible, see our SimpleARViewer example that opens a native detail page. Basically it works with the setting document.location to the special url archtiectsdk:// which calls the signal urlWasInvoked of the ArchitectView. You can pass any url in this way which allows you to pass parameters.


document.location = "architectsdk://opendetail?id=123"

will be passed as QString to the urlWasInvoked Signal and allows you to parse for the action ("opendetail") and the parameter ("id") for which poi the details should be displayed.

Hi what im trying to accomplish is to detect a click on a GeoObject and pass some parameters to a C++ function, so maybe i could push a new Page with the parameters recieved using a navigation pain. Is it posible?

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