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3D model manipulation

3D model manipulation

I'm not sure if I understand your question properly.

In the Wikitude3dEncoder you see a blue and a red line in the coordinate system. When you open the Wikitude3dEncoder then the right side of the red line describes the positive x-axis. The blue line that points to the bottom right describes the positive z-axis. And the invisible up-line describes the positive y-axis. We will provide a better description for the axis in a future update of the Wikitude3dEncoder.

With the SDK you can display a model in two different ways:

display it at a geolocation (latitude, longitude) as a cam-drawable of a GeoObject

display it when an image is recognized as a cam-drawable of a Trackable2DObject

In the GeoObject-case the negative z-axis of the model points to the north. In the Trackable2DObject-case the model is being displayed in the center of the recognized image with the same coordinate system as in the Wikitude3dEncoder (positive x-axis points to the right, positive z-axis points to you, positive y-axis points up).

These are the default settings if you dont set anything on creation. 
Does this answer your question?


Yes but you have to implement it yourself. My question was if there was already a default implementation of it. 

I guess there is not, I will have to do the binding between my action and the model to provide rotation and scale to my model.


Thank you anyway

Hello Jack,

Currently the SDK supports scale, translation and rotation for a 3d-Model. More info in the reference:

Hope that helps, 



Does the SDK provide 3D manipulation ? I would simply like to scale up or rotate my model without implementing model.scale(...) on my own. A priori, this feature is not available in the sdk but I just wanted a confirmation.

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