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Some features don't appear in my World

Some features don't appear in my World

I have a World with 22 features, with attachments. But I see only 11 features in my phone. If I create another world but excluding all attachments, then I see the 22 features.

I can't see any significant difference between the features.

Any ideas on what's going on? Can I try to do something?

Hi Jordi,

First of all thanks to report us this issue. 

What is the developer key of your World(s) ? So, we'll have a look as soon as possible.




Hi Simone, and thanks a lot for for quick response.

I have two worlds:

Name: v10 22f full
Developer Key: wrxgsrl

This one have all of the 22 features and all of the attachments.
And I only see 11 features (id = 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21).

Name: v10 22f lite
Developer Key: vptwnrq

This one have all of the 22 features and without any attachment.
And I can see all features in the phone.

I've done several tests (placing and removing attachments), but I have not drawn any conclusions.




Ehil? Jordi,

I just had a first look to your ARML files. I noticed that some attachments names contain some trouble character. 

May I ask you an other test:  please try to wrap the attachment's names in a XML



For example,




        <wikitude:attachment name=" <!>">







Thanks for your collaboration!





Hi Simone.

I tried to put exactly what you say in an attachment, but I get an error:

The file provided is not a valid ARML file, please check it.

I guess the wrong characters are Spanish accents like "?".


Hi Jordi,

Ok, thanks for test: it helped a lot. I went again through your ARML files and I have the following suggestion:

=> In order to insert those problematic symbols, you can use instead their  HTML representations. 

For example, I was able to get this attachment for the Placemark n. 1 when I changed it to:




        <wikitude:attachment name="Fotos del VI Open de vela &#39; de Calafell&#39;i &#39;Nit Blanca&#39;, agost de 2012 (***)." >





Stars (*) are inserted for privacy purpose.

Unfortunately the W3C specification about attributes values is restrictive on what you can do.

Please, change your ARML file according to the above tip and let us know if it solved the issue. As a first test it is enough that you submit an ARML with a couple of Placemarks. Then, if it work, you can change your entire file.


I would congratulate for your ARML World... I really enjoyed its content!

Have a nice day,


Hello Simone.

I'm sorry, but I did exactly what you told me (in the world v12 22f full developer key ytpbjox) and I can only see 11 features (id = 2,5,8,9,10,14,17,18,19, 20,21).

I used exactly the same ARML but leaving only the first 10 features in order of id (world v12 10f full developer key nbidrgt) and ... VUAL?! Now I can see all 10 features, including those not seen before.

And I have done another test: using the same ARML have left only the latest features, from id = id = 11 to 22 (world v12 11f full with developer key mxmieah), and I see them all again.

There is something in the file that is not right ... Maybe length? if I keep the entire file, I can not see all features. But if I split it in two parts, each part appears entire with all features.


Good Morning Jordan,

I performed an entire test on your World and... it is working fine!

At this point I think that "the distance" is the only variable affecting when and what points of interest are visible to you.

In particular, I tested the World from the position latitude 41 and longitude 1 and I'm getting almost all the placemarks and their attachments.

From which position are you testing your World ? And, are you using the developer key?

Keep in mind that several criteria are applied in order to show (or not) Point of Interests, and one of this criteria is the distance. If you are too far from the Placemark then it is not shown on Wikitude World Browser.

Let me know if you are able to get your POIs.



P.s. In order to fake your position you can use Location Spoofer.


Hello again Simone.

I readed your post. I am far from my POI and I prefer don't install any fake on my phone. I'll try later.

But I suspect that this is not the problem because the world  v12 22f full (key = ytpbjox) shows only 11 features.

But the same world  v10 22f lite (key = irqslep) without any attachment you see everything (22 features). And I see on the map, not using the camera.


I'll try again when I come back home. I'll say you something.

Thanks a lot.




Hi Jordan,

I uploaded your modified ARML in the DevZone. Its developer key is azshppz . Please, have a look at it and report me your experience.

Following a screenshot of what I get with the mentioned coordinates (41, 1). 


Good afternoon Simone.

I have just tested your World azshppz and it works! And are all the placemarks with all the attachments!
Only missing the placemark with id = 22.

What have you done differently to my World? What exactly should I do?

I'm very grateful. Thanks for your quick response and your interest.


Hi Jordan,

I simply re-upload your ARML file and tested with the developer key at the right coordinates :)

I just assigned my test World to your account. You should be able to see it under your Publish Panel in the DevZone. Feel free to use it as you wish.

Thanks for your interest in Wikitude!


Hi Simone.

Sorry, I've been doing various tests before returning to write, but it does not work and do not understand what happens.

There is a World that works fine (unless the last POI) and is the one you uploaded (reloaded) for me (with key developer = azshppz).

I've downloaded it (using the url in the "settings" tab) and I've only gone up again automatically without changing anything (key developer = slrynol). And... I do not see all POIs! I lost some of them.

I need to do this because I need to add some data to the file and generate another ARML translated into another language.

Thank you for your infinite kindness.

Hi Jordi!

It is really an interesting case :)

Let's try to find the reason for this strange behaviour. I'll ask internally support also to other departments.

In the meantime, could you provide the following information:

a. Smartphon brand and model used.

b. Exact operating system and version installed on your smartphone.

c. Exact position you are testing your World from.

d. Are you connected through wireless or 3G ?

e. Is your GPS turned on ?

f. Are you testing always trough the developer key?


See you soon and thanks for your time :-)


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