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Info on ARML Placemark Execution Target

Info on ARML Placemark Execution Target

Recently I've been struggling with the ARML-Documentation (again). I wanted to add the execution targets to the placemarks of my worlds. Seemd to be a piece of cake at first. I just added all the tags according to the specification (at least thats what I thought) and was ready to go. But - boom - all my placemarks were gone in wikitude. Apparently my ARML-file wasn't accepted by wikitude anymore. :-(

It took me some time to figure out what the problem was. I'm going to share my findings here just in case someone else steps into the same minefield. ;-)

Within the tExecution-Tag you may use key/value-pairs. The documentation says they are optional. In some sort that's true - but it's not the full truth. You need to add at least the tHeaders-tag, even if that one is empty. Doesn't make sense to me, but anyway, that's the way it is. After adding that tag everything went smooth.



I still would appreciate it a lot if you could provide an XML schema definition (XSD) for ARML. That would make things much clearer than any documentation ever could. And it would be possible to check an ARML-file against the XSD automatically. By doing that, any coding not according the the schema specification could be found easily.

By the way - the placemark execution targets are a great idea! I really find them very useful!

Best regards,


Hello Hans-Jörg,

Thanks for your comment. We will look into the tHeader-issue for ARML Execution Target parsing.

With regards to the ARML XSD, we are soon going to support ARML 2.0, for which we will provide an XSD.

Best regards,


Hello Martin,

thanks for the good news. I'm sure the XSD will make life for us developers easier. ;-)


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