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ARML? KML? ARchitech?

ARML? KML? ARchitech?




After browsing most of the documentation, it seems I can't find a definitive answer. So these are my needs:

Display a HUD

Display geolocated POIs around the user/person

These POIs should display an small photo of it.

Some of these POIs might need a website URL and/or a phone call action

Source file stored on my web server

I would like to use the latest and greatest. Which file format should I use? It seems that ARML is the proper one for me. However I don't see anywhere reference to the ability to use HUD on this format. Do I embbed the xml file within the html for ARchitehc rendering?


On the other side, ARchitech seems complete in this regard, but no clear way to put several POIs on the html. Do I just declare all of them (regardless of the number) as an independent var? If so, where's the option for phone call or visit a Website URL? 


I've browsed most tutorial available on the website, however they don't covers all of my simple needs.


Also you guys point this PHP tool, however the video link there is no longer working. And the linked project is obsolete, there's a new version on Github. Is still unclear to me what this tool does.


Many Thanks.


since you want to customize each POI and display a HUD, you will need to use ARchitect as ARML/KML won't allow for this flexibility.

POI data is either retrieved dynamically (e.g. accessing your webservice) or you can include them inside the javascript (e.g. define a var that holds all data). Please have a look at the SimpleARBrowser example of the SDK to see how to create POIs based on a JSON array of data.

We've built in support for opening URLs in the phones browser see AR.context.openInBrowser for more details.

For calling you could try:

I haven't tried it myself but it looks promising.


The mentioned PHP tool is maintained by somebody else and you'll need to talk to him if you have any questions regarding the tool. Since it seems to be related to ARML you don't need it when you go the ARchitect route.

Hello Wolfgang,

Thaks so much for your reply. Let us take a look at it to take our path :-)

Apologies for our late reply.

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