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ARBrowser example, file not found

ARBrowser example, file not found


I just downloaded the iOS SDK from our website, opened the SimpleARBrowser sample, clicked run and the app was running. 

Are you sure you don't moved any folder inside the SDK package? The SimpleARBrowser sample references the WikitudeSDK.framework which is in the /SDK/Framework folder.


Best regards


Hello Andreas,

You're correct sir! I moved it to the proper place and now the WikitudeSDK framework is present. However, now when I try to compile I get 16 errors. Most of them of the type:


Undefined symbols for architecture i386:

  "_png_create_info_struct", referenced from:

      gameplay::Image::create(char const*) in WikitudeSDK(Image.o)


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.







the problem is that you want to use the sdk on the simulator which is not possible because there is no camera available. Please test your application on an iOS device.


Best regards


Thanks Andreas,

I thought so, however since I didn't see it around on the documentation I said to myself:

I can test it on an emulator?!? Cool!!! 

Now I know its not possible :-)

Thanks again.



I'm trying to compile the example SimpleARBrowser for iOS. I do nothing more than to open it and compile it. Right away it gives me the following error:


That file can't be found. Diggin further I see that the framework WikitudeSDK its absent from the project (marked as red).

Any suggestion on the way forward?

Many Thanks.
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