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Wikitude works on Samsung Galaxy Player?

Wikitude works on Samsung Galaxy Player?

I'm developing an application as a final work in my Computer's Science course and I was thinking of buying an Samsung Galaxy Player to test the prototype and the functionalities of the app. The environment of Wikitude SDK will work on the device?


Hi there!


I just had a quick look at the device's spec and it looks as if Wikitude and the Wikitude SDK will run on your device smoothly.

We already got some positive Wikitude app comments from Galaxy Player 5 users.


Have fun with your new device.


Kind regards,



I use this post to ask if you had returns concerning the Samsung player YP-GS1  (3.6 inch media player) ?

I had installed previous versions of the Wikitude App that worked fine, but since I have installed the latest version of the App, the camera is not working anymore in the Wikitude App.

I have the list and the map views that are fine, but I got a black image when I switch to the camera view. I only see the compass and the floating balloon if target are in the field of view, but no image from the camera.

I'm a bit disappointed because I wanted to test the image recognition capabilities of Wikitude App...

Android version is 2.3.6 gingerbread.xxld1

Thank you for your help


Hi Vincent.

Wikitude SDK's ImageRecognition features require some Hard- and Software components.
Your device should have a recent arm-v7 chip with neon support for a good experience. "Low-end" devices, especially those < Android 4.x are currently not in focus of Wikitude's and other AR-SDKs due to numerous device specific issues.

Although we will update the Wikitude-app in the next few weeks, which include IR improvements and other stability fixes for tablets I doubt that this will fix the observed issue on your device.

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas

Thank you for your answer. 

I'm a bit surprised / disappointed, because I think when I first installed the Wikitude App on this device (beginning of this year I think) with a previous version (maybe 7.6 or ???), the camera view was working... Google Play says also that version 7.8 is compatible with the device...

Is it still the VUFORIA Image Recognition engine that is used by the App ? If I install the VUFORIA sample App for testing IR, it is working fine on this device...

Anyway I will try the future version that you are announcing.


Thanks again for your answer




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