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Error Wikitude SDK 2.0 Simulator _png_create_read_struct

Error Wikitude SDK 2.0 Simulator _png_create_read_struct

I've found the issue.. If you set minimum deployment target to iOS 6.0, it doesn't work, if you set it to 4.3+ it works. No logical sense, but it does set you on your way..

Doesn't make sense, it should be really easy, i've been doing iOS For years, it can't be as hard as the previous Three20 library.
I added the Framework, it has the ObjC Linker. I removed the valid architectures of ARMV7s. (which wasn't in the PDF, i had to google around to find that.)

And I don't need any image recognition, it says it only needs to add it when you need it..
With this, it just doesn't work.

Right now you need to specify what kind of AR you want to use. One of them is Image Recognition, so verify your code. Actually with this version is more easy to compile (at least in the device). You only need to add the required iOS built in frameworks, the Wikitude framework and a setting in the Build Settings tabs. The PDF included in the SDK explains it very well.

I'm in the same boat, I can't get it to build completely.
If I add it now, OR it throws these 43 errors, or it throws an error, that the libExtensionVuforia is missing, but I thought it wasn't needed when you're not doing image tracking.
Second, I see alot of .A references, but it's a .framework now? I can't get it to build in a new project at all..


I recently noticed that you updated the Wikitude SDK so I replaced my old version. Everything seems to be working but the iOS throws couple of errors. If I compile it in the device everythings goes perfect. I'm attaching a image.


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