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Phonegap build.

Phonegap build.


Have built the extended example and im trying to build it with phonegap build in dreamweaver - its got as far as the screen that says phonegap has initiated and the button is there but when clicked the ar window does not oppen in  android.

Is it possible?


Can phonegap build use the wikitude plugin - its been referenced in the config xml - is this enough....


Cheers M

Hi there!

I recommend you to start with the basic-sample and adjust your own project accordingly.

Please have a look at the Android sample-projects provided on github.
You need latest Wikitude SDK and Wikitudeplugin set-up as documented to run your AR-Experience.


Umm I'd like to know the answer to Monkey's question also .. 

Can the Wikitude Plugin be built/loaded by Phonegap Build as say the ChildBrowser plugin would be via the config.xml?

If so is there any need to install the SDK locally? 



To include the ChildBrowser plugin, add the <script> tag to your index.html page:

<script src="phonegap.js"></script>
<script src="childbrowser.js"></script>

And add the appropriate gap:plugin tag to your config.xml:

<gap:plugin name="ChildBrowser" /> <!-- latest release -->
<gap:plugin name="ChildBrowser" version="~3" /> <!-- for Cordova (1.9.0+) -->
<gap:plugin name="ChildBrowser" version="~2" /> <!-- for Cordova 1.5.0 - 1.8.1 --> 

<gap:plugin name="ChildBrowser" version="~1" /> <!-- for PhoneGap <= 1.4.1 -->

At the moment only a curated list of plugins is supported to work with PhoneGap Build ( and Wikitude Plugin is not part of it.

Ok thanks Philipp for your reply.

Ok - Thanks - im building manually now :)

Hi Philipp,


Has the wikitude plugin been added to the list of supported plugins for build?





unfortunately PhoneGap Build does not allow to include plugins with proprietary libraries and services. This means at the moment we can't push our plugin to PhoneGap Build.

Kind regards

Thanks Philipp.

Hello.  I know this is an old post, but has Wikitude and/or Phonegap Build Service been modified so they can work together?
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