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Wikitude SDK 2.0: 3D content misplaced

Wikitude SDK 2.0: 3D content misplaced


  I am amazed that you have brought a new amazing things in the market. I was just understand that how it works and got amazed.

And I found an issue is as follow: (SimpleIRSample) in iOS SDk.

Model: iPhone5

Version: 6.1(10B143)

XCode: 4.6

wikitude SDK Version: 2.0

From your example (SimpleIRSample): Focus on the Wikitude_See_More logo. Here everything is fine the "3D Wikitude logo" comes from right side and set on the "Wikitude_See_More" logo.

    But the issue generates when the "3D Wikitude logo" comes from Top side and it will not set on the "Wikitude_See_More" logo.

    This issue generates sometimes. So for this I would like to share this issue with you guys. I have attached the image file for your reference.


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