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License Key

License Key

Hi ,

      I have download the Wikitude SDK (Free Trial Version) ,how will i get the License Key.Can any one help me 




Hi Naveen,


The SDK comes with a trial key that will let you use the SDK and develop for it but you will see a "watermark" on the camera view.


To remove this, you must purchase a license key from


Hope this helps

I am having the same problem.

I checked the LICENSE file but did not see any keys there.

Can anyone tell me what file I should look into?


In order to get a valid license key please purchase a license key from

Should you need further details on where you need to add the license key please have a look at the samples delivered in the SDK download package or our Android and iOS documentation section.



Hi Nicole, 

I have purchased an Android Professional License, and I've still not received any keys in my email and nothing in my user account shows anything about the purchase.  Maybe I'm missing something, but everytime I'm on the site, the chat never shows anyone there to help me, and the email contact form never sends me an auto response.  I even tried a password reset request and can't receive any corrispondance from you guys.  How do I get my license key I'm done my project and want to launch. 



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