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Enabling Zoom and Radar on wikitude

Enabling Zoom and Radar on wikitude

HI ,

I've successfuly run my app on the iPhone device.

Now, i would like to enable the zooming and Radar view.

Could you anyone please help me out?


Thanks in Advance.






Please have a look at our Radar tutorial to learn more about how to integrate the radar view. Can you please explain in more detail what you mean with zooming, so we can gather the infos you need.



Hi Nicola,


Thanks for the tutorial which is really helpful for me to create it.

I could not do the camera ZOOM on the iPhone.


How to enable camera zooming on wikitude SDK?




Hi KB,

Great that the tutorials helped. Enabling the camera zoom is technically not possible unfortunately.



Hey Nicola,


When you run the above tutorial on the AR.Radar on the current shipped Example app called WTSImpleARBrowser, it doesn't show up on the screen.
Basically, if understood correctly, it should work with just "


            var radar = AR.radar;

            radar.centerX = 0.5;

            radar.centerY = 0.5;"

Inside the script tags of the architectbrowser.
We've tried all, with no avail. Is it closed for the Trial version? Or we're missing something obviously?


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