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I cant search for my world

I cant search for my world


I have problem with publishing my world (

Actually the status says "published" and I can see it under Local category, but I cannot find it via searching functionality ( tried "Maaamet", "maaamet", "aadress" etc..). And my workmate says he cant see the world at all, not even under Local category.


What could be the problem there?

Raivo Alla

Hi Raivo!

We checked your World "Maaamet: hoonete aadressid (TEST)" from the following position 

latitude: 59.549654

longitude: 25.54599

and we were able to find it within Wikitude World Browser both into category "Local " and  "All Worlds".

=> What is the position used in your tests?

Regarding the searching functionality, I have to underline that only selected Worlds are taken into consideration when using the search option. 

If you feel that your World should appear into the search results then please feel free to contact our office via email or drop a separate message in the forum.

Let me add a last note: your World looks as still in 'developing/test' mode. Please keep it in Draft mode until you think its Point of Interests are ready for the community ;-)

I would thank you for your interest in Wikitude.

Kind Regards,

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