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Unable to load HelloARchitectWorld.html

Unable to load HelloARchitectWorld.html


I wanted to try the appcelerator wikitude module.

I got the app.js example working on an iPhone 3GS and i can see the camera view.

According to the documentation the html file can be included with the property "architectWorldUri" but it doesn't work. I also tried "architectWorldUrl" and "url".

this is my code:

var arview = wikitude.createWikitudeView({
    licenseKey : 'foo',
    bottom : 0, left : 0, right : 0, top : 0,
    architectWorldUrl : ''

Is this function not implemented yet?

Thanx for help


Man, Where did you find the Appcelerator Wikitude module ??

I want itso bad 

(Sorry for coming here and not help you )
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