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Cant launch Wikitude

Cant launch Wikitude

Keep getting



2013-01-25 11:32:32.192 Core Multi-tasking -> Device: YES, App: YES

2013-01-25 11:32:32.957 Core Received Event: deviceready

2013-01-25 11:32:32.959 Core CDVPlugin class WTWikitudePlugin (pluginName: WikitudePlugin) does not exist.

2013-01-25 11:32:32.960 Core ERROR: Plugin 'WikitudePlugin' not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.

2013-01-25 11:32:32.962 Core - FAILED pluginJSON =


in the output log. 

Fixed it, for some reason the WTWikitudePlugin.h/.m did not copy to the Plugins folder within the project.
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