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Missing Java .so files

Missing Java .so files

In the 'libs' folder within the Titanium Android SDK it asks for '' but can not find it anywhere.

Hi Alex!

The Wikitude SDK has to be downloaded separately and added to your project path.
You can download the Free Sample SDK in our developer section.
To get rid of the watermarking and intro-animation you need to purchase a license key.


Thanks for the speedy respone, I have already done that but it asks for a .so file that does not exist in the Titanium SDK package that was provided for Android. It looks like the .so file that is missing is named I can not find this .so anywhere in your SDK or test packages.

I have the same problem. help please

+ 1 I don't know what file have I to copy to module folders?

Any instructions?



Has anyone found the solution to this problem and could post it here please?

Hi there,

Sorry for late response.

Please ensure to have both, the Module and the Sample-Project in your working directory and have copied 
Vuforia and Wikitude SDK files copied into modules lib(s).

To run the Sample-Project you have to "punlish" the module into the sampleproject, so its sources are copied into your Sample project's module folder.

You may then adjust 'MainWindow.js" to inject sample pois in your vicinity.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta, we are working on an easier approach and nicer samples right now.

Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters and expect updates in our github account soon.

Kind regards,
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