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Injecting Manual Compass Values

Injecting Manual Compass Values



I am having troubles with the compass in the phone, the compass of phone deflects alot when I try to use it inside a building. I am assuming its because of the metal used which is interfering with the compass value. Can anyone tell me if there is any method or function I can access to inject my own compass values or anything like that. If anyone can point me towards right direction it would be really helpful.




Hi once again Parvaz ;-)

ARchitectedView does not allow you to inject dummy Compass values. Seems as if you have harware troubles. If re-calibration (the famous 8 movement) doesn't help you may need to test on another device, or location.


I was afraid that this would be the it feasible that I manuplulate the compass values at native android side...I know I shouldn't be asking you this, but if you have an experience regarding this or any pointers would be helpful. Changing the location would not be a choice...


Thanks again!



ok after a bit of a research I think its not possible to manipulate the values of compass as it is a sensor and nor there's a way ever to set value of sensor(through higher level programing)....neither there is a way to make a fake compass and make android use it as default compass...


Correct me if I am wrong

Thank you!
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