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IRandGeo in Phonegap Hangs on repeated Entry

IRandGeo in Phonegap Hangs on repeated Entry

I tried  the Android IRandGeo example using the Phonegap plug-in. The application works fine, but if I press the back button and go back to the Android phone main page and start the application again, it  shows upto the Wikitude screen, but the application hangs after that.  This happens when the IRandGeo application is a standalone. Do I need to do something on exit?

What care do I have to take if the IRandGeo has to be part of a larger application - will going from  the main page to IRandGeo page and returning require anything to be done on the returning screen?

Hi there!

So the issue only occurs in the IRAndGeoSample? The other projects work as expected?
Could you please ensure to use very latest

Wikitude SDK: Visit Wikitude website

Quaccomm Vuforia SDK: Visit Vuforia's developer section

Maybe the issue is caused by an outdated SDK. In case issue still occurs please let me know you device type and OS version.


Hi Andreas,

This happens with HelloImageRecognition example as well. The environment I am using is as below:

1. wikitude sdk_1_1_1

2. Cordovo-2.0.0.js

3. vuforia-sdk-android-1-5-9

4. Windows 7 Professional

5. Eclipse Juno IDE for Java and Report Developers


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