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Mono for Android: PlatformBridge has no method 'callAsync'

Mono for Android: PlatformBridge has no method 'callAsync'

Hi, I'm working on a Mono for Android (from Xamarin) binding, and trying to basically recreate the sample SimpleARBrowser project from the 1.2 SDK.

It appears my binding compiles well, and I can add the ArchitectView to my activity no problem.  I can see the camera preview, however when I attempt to call 'newData' in the tutorial1.html via architectViewer.CallJavascript(...), I end up seeing in my logcat Web Console saying: "Uncaught TypeError: Object com.wikitude.architect.PlatformBridge@4128d4d0 has no method 'callAsync' at file:///android_asset/:7157"

I'm not sure where to go from here.  Could someone please help?

Hi Jon!

Great to see you are working on a MonoDroid project.
The issue you described might be related to inproper handling of lifecycle methods - The architectView always needs to get informed about state changes to work properly.

As you might have seen we already implemented a PhoneGap plugin and are soon also providing a Titanium extension (see SDK download page).

We can provide you priority-support if you are interested in a cooperation.
Please contact us so we can talk about details.

Kind regards,

I've sent a contact form request :)  Looking forward to working on this with Wikitude... Also, just an update, I've got the MonoTouch bindings nearly completed and having much greater success in that area!

Hi Jon, i`m trying to buld a wikitude library for Xamarin IOS, i`m having several problems in loading the bindings, how did you get this donde?, is there a way we cal talk i really need help in this case.


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