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avoiding the stacking of POIs

avoiding the stacking of POIs

I dont want to cluster the POIs...I want to increment the height of the POIs that are being stacked. Something like this 

How can I calculate that the drawables are in straight line for the user and then increment the altitude(or height of the drawable if there is some funtion for that) of the POI. Sorry for being so noob I am really new to Maps, Latitude and Longitude Algorithms plus the Js.

Hi there!

There are several ways to handle this issue in the Wikitude SDK. 

You may e.g. cluster the places that are in same line/angle (compare, have a look at the imported clustering.js for details, orange/yellow: places that are clustered and replaced by average position = "C"-flat; Pink flags have enough space in the declared angle and are displayed at original location)

You can use this, or more sophisticated other algorithms, to cluster places around user every x meters of location changes.

Hope that helps.

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I wanted to know how can i manage to avoid the stacking of POIs if they in a straight line. Something like the junaio plugin does incrementing the height of POIs that are in straight line so that each poi is visible.


Any ideas are welcome.
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