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ArchitectView Logger

ArchitectView Logger

Thanks for the fast answer and for the help!!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but i'm VERY in despair for a solution because i have a deadline to finish!!!

I'm alredy read the documentation, the examples, the solutions on the internet, in this posts and my code not worked yet.....but thanks for the help anyway!! :)

Hi Ens,

It's generally a bad practice to resurrect the dead threads or crosspost. It's also hard to understand your problem without the context.

The callJavascript method is pretty straightforward - you just pass the javascript function call there as string. I suggest you double-check the documentation or simply wait a bit for the answer on your original question. I never had a question unanswered on this forum.

Hi Yedor, for the love of God, can you please tell me how to use callJavascript, because i not found yet how to properly use this function.

I posted my question here, but i don't yet obtained an answer!!!


A big thanks for you!!!!!

I'd bet 100$ it doesn't (at least in the next few days). You call? :)

The world is coming to an end... ;-)


PS.: There was a silent update today

Now that is something weird.

The sample from sdk which I downloaded yesterday has loggging. The one that I got today (after your suggestion) doesn't. They both have the following entry:


I/ArchitectWebView(3225): ARchitect Build: 1064


which seems to be the build id (?).

Did you guys swap something in the download section since yesterday?

Hi again,

Could you please double check and use the very latest sdk-files directly from our download section and replace your *.jar file accordingly?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the update.

I think I still see "JS to load..." log entries with sdk 1.2

Any advice?

Hi there!

Sorry for late response. We kicked the Log-entry in latest version 1.2
Please check out our download page.


Any update here?

Hi there,

A quick one this time. Every time you call callJavascript() you get "JS to load:..." entry in the system log. It's good for debugging but may publish internal data for release versions which is unwanted.

So the question is - how to disable logger in ArchitectView?
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