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ArchitectView Logger

ArchitectView Logger

Hi there,

A quick one this time. Every time you call callJavascript() you get "JS to load:..." entry in the system log. It's good for debugging but may publish internal data for release versions which is unwanted.

So the question is - how to disable logger in ArchitectView?

Any update here?

Hi there!

Sorry for late response. We kicked the Log-entry in latest version 1.2
Please check out our download page.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the update.

I think I still see "JS to load..." log entries with sdk 1.2

Any advice?

Hi again,

Could you please double check and use the very latest sdk-files directly from our download section and replace your *.jar file accordingly?

Thanks in advance.

Now that is something weird.

The sample from sdk which I downloaded yesterday has loggging. The one that I got today (after your suggestion) doesn't. They both have the following entry:


I/ArchitectWebView(3225): ARchitect Build: 1064


which seems to be the build id (?).

Did you guys swap something in the download section since yesterday?

The world is coming to an end... ;-)


PS.: There was a silent update today

I'd bet 100$ it doesn't (at least in the next few days). You call? :)

Hi Yedor, for the love of God, can you please tell me how to use callJavascript, because i not found yet how to properly use this function.

I posted my question here, but i don't yet obtained an answer!!!


A big thanks for you!!!!!

Hi Ens,

It's generally a bad practice to resurrect the dead threads or crosspost. It's also hard to understand your problem without the context.

The callJavascript method is pretty straightforward - you just pass the javascript function call there as string. I suggest you double-check the documentation or simply wait a bit for the answer on your original question. I never had a question unanswered on this forum.

Thanks for the fast answer and for the help!!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but i'm VERY in despair for a solution because i have a deadline to finish!!!

I'm alredy read the documentation, the examples, the solutions on the internet, in this posts and my code not worked yet.....but thanks for the help anyway!! :)
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