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Really closing AR view using SDK call

Really closing AR view using SDK call

I want to close AR view to make the screen shows the original but updated phonegap web view screen.

I used WikitudePlugin.close().

What I got is the AR view become all black. Yes, I can close the AR view by clicking the 'done' button, but that's not what I want.

How to achieve this desired effect in iOS? 

I have tried this in Android and I got the desired effect, but not yet in iOS.




I am a license buyer since before I opened this forum thread, so I demand at least a response from wikitude tech support.

Hi Aldian,

have you tried the 'hide' function from the WikitudePlugin? This function should remove the ARchitectView from the vie hierarchy.

Best regards


I am using iphone 5.

hide() wiill make the AR screen black, but it won't remove it from display.

I'm getting the exact same issue here. Close and hide have the same effect - the outer container with the 'done' button remain open, but the inner camera view closes, leaving a black screen. Just the 'done' button, wikitude icon and debug tab are visible (no info use in the debug tab).


iOS 5.1.1 // iOS SDK 6

Please use



anywhere in your code if you are working on with javascript for Android development.
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