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Image Recognition app in ARchitectMobile Viewer crashes.

Image Recognition app in ARchitectMobile Viewer crashes.


I recently started working on the Image recognition using wikitude. Just to try out , I  uploaded the sample image recognition tutorial that was provided  by you on my website . But when i try to view it in my ARchitectMobile Viewer the application just aborts seconds after loading. Could you please sort this for me.
Heres the link  of where i have uploaded.
I launched it on  an android 4.0. on a Galaxy S2.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there!

I recommend to start reusing the SimpleIRExample-sample project and paste all "world" files (html and any other files in the "asets" folder) to your server and adjust paths from within the SimpleIRExample or use AMV to (re-) check.

Afterwards use ADE and JavaScript debugging tools - So you can handle JS errors better.

You may even test your World by entering "Settings" of Wiktude and scroll down to developer settings.

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