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Black screen

Black screen

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Hello all!

I am Adrien. I am currently using the Wikitude SDK with the phonegap plugin for a project.

I started with the Basic example provided with the plugin. 

I am on a Galaxy 3.

My problem is this one:

step 1: app start -> home screen (html landing page) -> ARview ready -> no action -> backbutton ( ARview closed) ->  home screen (html landing page) -> backbutton -> app close

step 2: app start -> home screen (html landing page) -> ARview ready -> touch the screen -> backbutton -> app close

step 3: app start -> home screen (html landing page) -> ARview ready -> BLACK SCREEN

If I don't clear the cache of my app or force stop I stay in the BLACK SCREEN state.

The event "backbutton" is not caught since the screen has been touched in the ARview (step 2). 

I guess that leads the Wikitude browser procesus never be closed properly. 

Do you have any suggestions ? What I am doing wrong or I don't understand ?

Your help is welcome.

By the way the SDK is awesome. We plan to buy the licence after our developments.

Best regards to all.



Hi Adrien!

So the BasicSample itself works as expected, but your custom app doesn't?
It is very important to call WikitudePlugin.close()when you want to close the arView. Also ensure to never open more than one at anytime.
Please also override the error callbacks to get more details on what went wrong (WikitudePlugin.worldFailedLaunching and (WikitudePlugin.onWikitudeError).

Hope that helps.
In case you are working on a time critical project you may even send us your phonegap project and we save some time to assist you (mail to android (at); subject: "Forum: Black screen")


Hi Adrien,

I'm trying to create an app with wikitude+phonegap and I'm having the same problem with the same steps...

Why the backbutton event is not triggered when the screen is touched? Have you found any solution to the black screen?

Thanks in advance,

Miguel Ll?cer

Hello Miguel,

unfortunately I stopped working on that project just because the client canceled it.

So I didn't go much deeper on that bug.

First of all you should use the last version of the SDK if it is not the case.

Secondly I think this is something close from a memory leak issue. That means, the processes are not closed properly.

I would say that phonegap is responsible for that.

The fact is, phonegap is a great tool BUT it doesn't replace native code. So what I would suggest to you would be to code your app as a native one.

That way you are sure to handle each bit of code and also improve the speed of your app. Remember the old and slow Facebook app ? That was phonegap backed.... 

To sum up:

- seg fault error caused by phonegap (70% sure)

- switch to the last version (I didn't try it)

- native code (to handle each part of your code)

Hope that help. Good luck!





Hi Adrien,

thanks a lot for your answer.

As you propose, I'm using the latest versions for my app ( wikitude 2.0 and phonegap 2.5 ).

I have reproduced the same steps with the HelloWorld and HelloImageRecognition samples and something similar occurs. When the screen is touched and the back button is pressed, in both examples the app is closed. After initializing the app and navigating to the wikitude view, the famous black screen appears.

I would like to use phonegap because our idea is to develop the app for android and ios but if I can't solve these problems I finally use native code.


Miguel Ll?cer
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