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Wikitude Altitude Issue

Wikitude Altitude Issue


I am gonna start using Wikitude SDK and have some doubts about its working... I was wondering how the Wikitude's Architect Engine handles the Augmentation of POIs? For example the Point of interest takes three values i.e latitude,longitude and altitude of the poi..which I assume is in meters above sea level. How does Wikitude handles the augmentation according to the altitude. One scenario is I am holding the Phone when I am at ground...the augmentation in this case would be normal but what if I am at a top of building(around 300m above ground) will Wikitude handle the rise in altitude itself??(which I think it will not because there's no sensor on the phone to measure the height above ground except the gps value which is not that much accurate) How can this scenario be achieved? Will the POIs need a different Altitude value?

Thanks in Advance

I think this forum is not that active...

I tested giving different values of altitudes to POIs. It reflects well on augmentation. Can any body tell me how am I gonna manage to give relative altitudes in case that if I am at ground level I give different altitude values and if I am 300m above ground level(ground level defined as height above sea level). Or am I totally wrong and the Wikitude ARchitect Engine will automatically compensate for the rise in altitude? Because architect view uses setLocation in which it takes the altitude value also...


Please reply as we are on a tight shedule and would really need to know if wikitude is right choice for our project...

Hi Parvaz,

altitude is automatically taken into the calculation of the augementation. There are a few things you should consider. Altidue information is only used when the accuracy of the gps is high enough. This gurantees that the altitude will be reasonable accurate. However GPS altitude information has never the highest accuracy and you might see differences for POIs close to the user.

If you know the alittude more accurate then gps, e..g for predefined places you can use the injectLocation mehtods to set the altitude.

Thank you for your input.

The way I understand it is like this:

The ARchitect Engine will automatically compensate for the rise in altitude. The altitude for the POIs should be calculated as Height_above_sea_level+Heigth_of_POI.

Thanks again.

almost right. The height_of_POI is defined by the Drawable you are using. The Drawables are by default anchored in the center. Thus if you want them to be anchored on the bottom use:

someDrawable2d.verticalAnchor = AR.CONST.VERTICAL_ANCHOR.BOTTOM;

You can of course (and probably should) supply the anchor when creating the drawable. eg.

new AR.Circle(1, {verticalAnchor: AR.CONST.VERTICAL_ANCHOR.BOTTOM});

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