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Integrate a Radar

Integrate a Radar


Hi all, I am integrating a radar in my native app, but when I charge the sample code, the radar integration eliminates the burden of POIS by JSON.We are integrated it into the code file ArchitectBrowser.html




             / / The Architect Tutorial using Javascript code library


             / / Create new images, Which Will be loaded right away

             AR.ImageResource firstImage = new ("marker1.png", {onError: errorLoadingImage});

             AR.ImageResource secondImage = new ("marker2.png", {onError: errorLoadingImage});

             AR.ImageResource thirdImage = new ("marker3.png", {onError: errorLoadingImage});



            / / Adding the radar


             AR.ImageResource radar.background = new ("miradarImg.png");

             radar.positionX = 0.1;

             radar.positionY = 0.1;

             radar.with = 0.4;

             radar.centerX = 0.5;

             radar.centerY = 0.5;

             radar.radius = 0.4;

             AR.ImageResource AR.radar.northIndicator.image = new ("north_arrow.png");


             AR.radar.northIndicator.radius = 0.4;


Could you provide more of your cod? Because the most important parts are missing here:

enabling the radar: 

AR.radar.enabled = true;

setting the radarpois, for example:

var geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(geoLocation,
{drawables: {cam: drawableCam, radar: circleRadar}


Also try to figure out if you have any syntax-errors in your JavaScript.

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