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Creating iOS layout over ARchitectView

Creating iOS layout over ARchitectView

Hi Filip,

I also faced same kinda issue, I am also using of the them.

Use of HTML button or Div inside the architectView(HTML Resource file) and an-other option which i explored recently, it is:

Lets say you've a button referece in your viewcontroller like testButton which frame & selector set programtically like

testButton.frame = CGRectMake(50.0,150.0,30.0,60.0);

Now Where you are adding architectView into Viewcontroller right after that line add this button into architectView.



It will show on top of architectView but only issue is about co-oridnates system if your application supporting both potrate & landscape mode.

Best of Luck...!


Aamir Ali

Sr. iOS Developer @ Time Group Ltd


is there a "proper" way to add UI elements, like UIButton on top of architect view? So I can i.e. add two buttons, to stop/load another html?

best regards

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