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Scale depth of POI in augmented view

Scale depth of POI in augmented view

Hi all,

I have a question about scaling the depth of POIs in the augmented view using Wikitude SDK 1.1 for iOS.  I currently have a POIs that can range between a distance of 10 metres up to 25000 meters.  POI images that are are close to 25000 meters are quite small and it can be very difficult to register touches on such small images.

Is there a way to set the scale of depth for POIs presented on screen?  I have had a look through documentation and cannot find any reference to such a requirement unless I have missed it.

Currently this feature is not exposed in the SDK. However we are thinking of supporting this in the future. Unfortunately I cannot give you a timeline for the addition of this feature.


Is this feature supported in the current version?

Thanks in advance


Yes POI image is very small even if it is close to 25000 meters, but if you will enlarge it, the image will get blur.


To know more about it go here.



we added an api to change the distance based scaling in version 3.0. Please have a look at AR.context.scene.scalingFactor. Setting this value to 1.0 does not apply any scaling and objects appear with the same size regardless of their distance.

Hello Damm,

Thanks for the tip, I had just to adjust the scalingFactor to 0.3 so that the markers have the good size.
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