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How to load external JQuery

How to load external JQuery

Hi, I tried to view helloworld.html in simpleIRexample using htmldrawable and I can see it when I track the marker. now I have jquery file inside the asset folder and the jquery file lets the Hello World phrase to fade out and fade in.

my question is the helloworld.html doesnt load the jquery, why is it? what should I do to load the jQuery?


In case you are developing your project for Android and have your Architect file as well as the jQuery-js-file in the assets folder you can access local resources using the "file:///android_asset/"-prefix in front of your local resource, just as you would do for accessing local resources in a webview.

See this stackoverflow question as a sample:

Hope that helps


hi, it doesnt work, here is the error anyway.


11-03 03:35:47.293: E/Web Console(31436): Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'start' of null at file:///android_asset/:79



Could you provide me with more information about your project structure. e.g. is your jQuery-js-file located in a subfolder of the assets folder? Additionally it would be helpful if you could provide me with a little snippet of your code, especially the lines where you include the jQuery library and the jQuery javascript file.

Thanks, Markus
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