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Regarding clickThroughEnabled Usage

Regarding clickThroughEnabled Usage

Currently using dynamic HTMLDrawables are not fully supported. They might introduce a frame jiggering and are therefore not recommended. However if you still want to use it/try it.

Besides setting clickTroughEnalbed to true you will need to look at:

onDocumentLocationChanged trigger

allowDocumentLocationChanges property

The onDocumentLocationChanged trigger fires everytime the document.location of an HTML drawable changes. In your case when the 'architectsdk://....' link is clicked. This allows you to react on the location change from your ARchitect world.

allowDocumentLocaitonChanges property if set to true will allow the change of the location. In your case this means that the content will be replaced with architectsdk://... . This is of course not intended and you can set the property to false. Keep in mind that architectsdk:// urls won't be resolved inside html drawables content. To achieve this you should use the onDocumentLocaitonChanged trigger and set the allowDocumentLocationChagnes property to false.

"They might introduce a frame jiggering and are therefore not recommended."

The percentage at which jiggering occurs is pretty high(80%-ish), so I'm not considering it any longer.
However, just for the sake of curiosity, I will try and use onDocumentLocationChanged  and allowDocumentLocationChanges,
and feedback the results here for future reference.
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