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poi images doesn't show in camera view

poi images doesn't show in camera view


I am right now testing the app by creating simple example. when i test it's example provided with SDK it is showing me poi images on camera view but when i implemented the saperate project not showing in that.

Can you tell me it is very important for me to buy.


I have the same problem.. Have you found a solution? Or is the trial key only for the sample project?


A wrong License key does not restrict the API from working. It hides the TRIAL watermark on the camera and depending on the license various logos usually displayed. The license key set in the simple ar browser only works for this sample app.

As for your problem: can you give us a bit more details, on what you changed and what is happening exactly.



Thanks for your quick answer...

I removed the key, so I can test the app with the trial sdk. Also I found certain special german characters in my database, as a result of an faulty json object.
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