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Android Google API

Android Google API


Thanks for the answer you were right it was an other webview instance with a wrong layout width.
Hi there!

This seems to be an Android Webview issue that occurs under certain circumstances.
Maybe you are using a fragmentpager or some other custom/advanced ViewGroup and have the ARchitectView inside it.

Please test your ARchitectView as standalone view in an Activity and let me know if issue still occurs.

Maybe stackoverflow also has an answer for you.




I have an issue with my android application when I'm using the Google API's SDK to build my app.

As long as I use the AOSP SDK the Wikitude SDK works like a charm, but with the Google APIs it seems the click on Screen doesn't work any more.


10-18 10:33:44.109: E/webcoreglue(19357): Should not happen: no rect-based-test nodes found

I made several test and for each version of the Google API's (from 2.2 to 4.1.1) I got the same problem.

Is this normal?

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