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HTMLDrawable viewPort

HTMLDrawable viewPort

Hi! I'm having some issues with the viewPort area and the HTMLDrawable object. When I create the object I can see the "clickeable" area setting a background color. In all my objects the height is bigger than the real height for my DIV and also the background image is pixeled. How can I calculate the real viewPort and the SDU width? my DIV is 110x70 px. Thanks!



 <style type="text/css">

      * { margin: 0; }

      html, body { height: 100%; }        


<script src="architect://architect.js"></script>




      // Variables

      var jsonObject;

      var locations;

      var images = new Array("map-pin-light", "map-pin-street", "map-pin-water", "map-pin-other");

      var cssStyle = 'display: inline-block; width: 40px; height: 70px; font-family: "PassionOne-Regular"; font-size: 30px; padding-right: 5px; padding-left: 65px; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: center; text-shadow: 0 1px 0px #000000; line-height: 70px;  background-color: #FF000044';


                // Invoca el callback para el reporte seleccionado

      function clickReport(id) {

            return function() {

                  document.location = "architectsdk://opendetailpage?id="+id;  




                // Función que parsea los datos del JSON. Requiere adicionalmente el parámetro del BUNDLE PATH.

      function newData(jsonData, bundlePath){


            locations = new Array();

            jsonObject = JSON.parse(jsonData); 



            for(var i = 0; i < jsonObject.length; i++) {


                  var textData = parseInt(jsonObject.supports) + 1; 

            ?      var imageData = bundlePath + "/" + images + (parseInt(jsonObject.status) == 1 ? "@2x.png" : "-ok@2x.png");

            ?      var htmlData = "<body style='margin:0;'><div style='background-image:url("+imageData+");"+cssStyle+"'>+"+textData+"</div></body>";

            ?      var node = new AR.HtmlDrawable({html:htmlData}, 1, {viewportWidth:30, scale:2, onClick : clickReport(, backgroundColor:'#00000055'})



            ? = parseFloat(;

            ?      jsonObject.lon = parseFloat(jsonObject.lon);

            ?      var geoLoc = new AR.GeoLocation(, jsonObject.lon);               

            ?      locations = new AR.GeoObject(geoLoc, {drawables: {cam: node}});










So It's not possible using the dynamic HTML and I need to use a external HTML?

Well, the external HTML option works very well but I never could make work the method evalJavascript to pass data inside of my html. For this reason I used this option and worked very well. First I create the HTMLDrawable:



var uri = "report.html?id=1&count=2";

var node = new AR.HtmlDrawable({uri:uri}, 4, {scale:1, updateRate:AR.HtmlDrawable.UPDATE_RATE.STATIC})

var geoLoc = new AR.GeoLocation(parseFloat(, parseFloat(jsonObject.lon));               

new AR.GeoObject(geoLoc, {drawables: {cam: node}});



In this way I add some URL params and I can read them inside of my HTML (report.html) in this way:



    var params = {};

    if ( {

        var parts ='&');

        for (var i = 0; i < parts.length; i++) {

            var nv = parts.split('=');

            if (!nv) continue;

            params = nv || true;



    document.write("<div class='report'>+"+params.count+"</div>")




And this works perfect. I also could thanks if you can provide me a sample for the evalJavascript (I can't find one). I tried to define a custom function in my report.html and call it using the evalJavascript with no successful. 




Great that you got it working.

Just a clarification: You don't need to use an external html (.uri="" ), it is still possible to define the html directly (.html="" ). However I find it clearer to have it in a separate file.

Calling evalJavascript only works for if you set the updateRate at construction to any of the DYNAMIC_ flags (see API reference for more details). Unfortunately as I mentioned in the previous post this introduces framerate jiggers and therefore is currently not recommended. Which means for evalJavascript that it is also not recommended at the moment.
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