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Why can't I see my POIs with real geolocations?

Why can't I see my POIs with real geolocations?



I'm testing Architect´s examples... I'm trying to change random geolocation for an real location near to me. I searched the coordenates (latitude and longitude) in Google Earth. So, when I put the real coordenates in an code example, I can't see any geoObject in my App... It is my code:




function enterFOV() {

document.getElementById("statusElement").innerHTML = "I can see you!";



//Called if the GeoObject exits the field of vision

function exitFOV() {

document.getElementById("statusElement").innerHTML = "Look around!";



AR.context.onLocationChanged = locationChanged;


function locationChanged(lat, lon, alt, acc) {

// the current location's latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy are passed in by the ARchitect


// Create a new GeoLocation with the calculated latitude and longitude

// A GeoLocation defines a geo refernece location using latitude and longitude.  

var usco = new AR.GeoLocation(2.941369, -75.299100);

var cocaCola = new AR.GeoLocation(2.953819, -75.298061);


var myCircle = new AR.ImageDrawable(Sun-icon.png, 5);


// Create the GeoObject that puts it all together.

// The GeoObject will be placed at the previously created GeoLocation and an orange Circle

// will appear at that location. By creating the object it will be immediately visible.

var uscoObject = new AR.GeoObject(usco, {drawables: {cam: myCircle}, triggers: { onEnterFieldOfVision: enterFOV, onExitFieldOfVision: exitFOV}});

var cocaColaObject = new AR.GeoObject(cocaCola, {drawables: {cam: myCircle}, triggers: { onEnterFieldOfVision: enterFOV, onExitFieldOfVision: exitFOV}});


// We are only interested in the first location, let's set the onLocationChanged trigger to null which

// will deactivate it.

AR.context.onLocationChanged = null;


// Hide loading message





<div id="statusElement" class="status"></div>


<div id="messageElement" class="message">

Loading ...







I don't know what happen. thx for help me..

if the code you posted is the one you are using then you forgot to put the ImageDrawable source into quotation marks: Sun-icon.png

If you add the ade.js to your html then it's much easier to find syntax-errors. Just add those lines within your head-tag (more): <script type="text/javascript" src="ade.js"></script>

Then open your html with chrome for example, right-click on your browser-window and select "inspect element". In your console-tab you can check if you have any errors.

Hope this helps,

thx for help me, My code is:



var sunImg = new AR.ImageResource("Sun-icon.png");

var sunSize =  5;


// Create an orange circle with a radius of 5

var myCircle = new AR.ImageDrawable(sunImg, sunSize);



I think the problem isn't image because I used too and happened the same.

Did you check if you really receive a location? If you don't receive a location then the function locationChanged(lat, lon, alt, acc) will never be executed. You can check it by adding an alert for example: alert('locationChanged - lat: ' + lat + " lon: " + lon);

or by displaying it in a div: document.getElementById("statusElement").innerHTML = 'locationChanged - lat: ' + lat + " lon: " + lon;

If you don't need GeoLocations you can also have a look at RelativeLocations.





Thx, I cheked locationChanged and the coordenates are wrong. My location is in Colombia (lat:2.9499  lon:-75.2995 ) but locationChanged get wrong coordenates (lat: 47.773200 lon: 13.069700). It coordenates are always the same. How do I fix it?


Sorry, I found the mistake... In the code example there are TEST_LATITUDE, TEST_LONGITUD... I think locationChanged took GPS coordenates. Now I try to take my GPS coordenates correctly.
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