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Create a screen before the IR?

Create a screen before the IR?

How would I go about (using the IRAndGeo example in XCode) create a screen that would appear before the demo play. 

(Example: Create a information screen or tutorial or login screen and after the user does what they need on that screen it will go onto the demo)

Hi Alex,

you can have a look at the SimpleARBrowser Sample. This Application launches in a separate view and you can switch to AR by selecting the second tab in the tab bar controller. If you want to display the AR View with a navigation controller, you need to create a UIViewController subclass which e.g. represents your login screen and a UIViewController subclass which is responsible of presenting the AR View. In your AppDelegate, instantiate a UINavigationController and set your login view controller as root. Add the navigationController as your windows rootViewController and push the ARViewController if you e.g. click a button on the login view. If you need a more detail tutorial, please have a look at some tutorial in the internet.

Best regards


Perfect explination :)
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