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Removing the Nav bar from AR.context.openInBrowser

Removing the Nav bar from AR.context.openInBrowser

Is their a way to remove the nav bar on the top and bottom from the webview of the browser and put a close function into the html file that is being called? I am trying to make the webview seem that it is actually just a window opening and not actually going directly to a website.




If you don't require the back button, you can just set document.location to go to the website. Keep in mind that you will need to offer the user a way to get back (and on Android pressing the back button will exit the ARView). Removing the nav bar is not supported.

Thanks for the speedy response! I guess what I was trying to do was open the webview without the top and bottom nav bar and in the html page have a command within the page to close the webview if that was possible.


unfortunately that's not possible  at the moment. If you are using the SDK to build your own application you are able to build it your onw however. Just use the default messaging mechanism (call an architectsdk://...) and notify your native application that it should display a webview on top.
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