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Creating an IR event

Creating an IR event

I am trying to create my own custom IR event off the sample one, I have taken a logo, went to Qualcomms dev site and got a .zip file for it and it got 3 stars. When I export the .zip and load up the assets it does not load, but the demo does every time. 


Does the size that your predefine when creating the trackable have any relation to this problem? Maybe a step by step tutorial on this would help.

Hi the size probably does not relate to this problem. You should make sure that the aspect ratio of the target image is the same as that of the specified size (this might already be checked by the management system).

There's an onError trigger for the AR.Tracker which tells you that loading of the tracker itself failed. Furthermore you can activate the logging output AR.logger.activateDebugMode() and check the log output for any messages.
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