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Trying to integrate Localytics into example

Trying to integrate Localytics into example

So I am trying to put localytics into the IRandGeoBrowser demo to see if it can capture good analytics. Since most of what happens is in the IrAndGeo.html page I thought using the HTML SDK into the page would work but doesnt seem to. 

Header of page:


<script src="architect://architect.js"></script>

<script src="../ade.js"></script>

<script src="">





An event:


IrAndGeo.showWeb = function() {




    localyticsSession.tagEvent("Viewed Website!");



None of the events are tracking. Has anyone done this or can help do this properly?

I'm not familiar with this particular tracking api, but have you tested it using ADE in the browser. It will give you more debugging possibility and you can monitor the http traffic to see if the tracking api is actually reporting stuff.

Thanks for the reply! I have run the page with ADE and it is not calling the api at all so I will dive deeper into the issue. Another issue I am having now is when creating an IR event that it does not work, the demo will work but the custom IR will not. I will create a new thread for it. Thanks
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