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Unable to edit url of world

Unable to edit url of world

Umm, it's quite on/off. I'm trying to avoid making changes as much as possible so I haven't really gotten down to empirically testing it. The new world I set up has been deleted again so I've republished it and it seems to be working fine now.

Hi Alex,

I'm trying to reproduce the issue, but without success at the moment.

It might be that it happened a short downtime whereas the DevZone missed a syncronization with the rest of systems.

Are you experiencing again this problem?

Thanks for your tips!


I think there might be a problem with switching worlds between Draft and Published modes. Either that or trying to edit the world options and saving.

I get the same type of error above where trying to save says that "World X does not exist". When going back to the main screen in the Publishing tab, the world is still listed, but now when trying to delete it, it says that the world is already deleted or something to that effect

i believe the devkey was vrjiwas. It looks like I might have accidently deleted it, though I don't see how that could have happened. It's missing from my published worlds now. Odd.

Hi Alex,

It is quite strange since I cannot see any World with this ID in our systems.

What is the devkey?



I get the following error when trying to edit the url in the configuration page:

World c117cf44835e58cb07916f74812e588c does not exist.

This is the case both when I do and don't touch the URL and then click save.


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